Austin Teeth in an Hour

As simple as the gesture can be, being able to smile is a gift many people take for granted, while some, no matter how much they would have wanted to, could not even do. Thanks to dental implant Teeth in an Hour, you can now wear that perfect smile.

What is a Dental Implant?

Implant Dentistry has transformed the practice of Dentistry over the last 25 years. It is a procedure that replaces the root or roots of teeth. It is also used to hold crowns securely and in place and is oftentimes made of titanium and titanium alloy. This is one of those procedures requiring great expertise and experience.

Who Needs Dental Implant?

There are many reasons to consider dental implants. These reasons include convenience, appearance, comfort, and tooth loss. Tooth loss cannot always be avoided by practicing good oral hygiene. For example, you can lose your teeth in an accident. In the past, your only options were dentures and bridges. Dentures alone are uncomfortable and inconvenient. Some people even find them embarrassing.

Dental implants can benefit people in these situations by allowing them to replace the missing teeth with a permanent and attractive solution.

Dentures will quite frequently rub along the jaw and gums, causing intense irritation and pain. Another pain you will be avoiding is the pain resulting from bone loss. Every tooth removed results in bone loss, which in severe cases can change your appearance, and affect the nerves in your face and mouth.

Traditional dentures are often considered cumbersome and unattractive. Anyone who does not feel comfortable using dentures could resort to dental implants as they would not have to worry about keeping it in place. Also, everyday functions such as eating, talking and laughing may pose some insecurity to the wearer. The poor stability may likewise cause aching pressure on the gum area, some sore spots, and other gum-related infection.

What is Teeth in an Hour?

Did you hear that dental implants can be performed in as little as an hour? Within this short period of time, your smiles can be changed forever. Teeth-in-an-Hour was developed by Nobel Biocare, and undergoing this computer-guided surgery will make for faster aesthetic results sans post-operative discomfort, less bruise, and swelling. If you are considering this kind of surgery then you have to make sure that you go for an experienced dental surgeon.

What Are Some Considerations before Undergoing This Procedure?

  • The numbers of teeth missing
  • The amount of bone loss
  • The position and condition of the remaining teeth and if they have a lasting prognosis
  • What can a patient expect as an end result
  • Your budget

No More Days and Weeks of Waiting

The grueling days and weeks of waiting for your denture will finally be over because first, you no longer need dentures, but dental implants instead. And finally, implant treatments up and functioning in an hour offers a different kind of solution for many of the problems involved with dentures. This is the reason why the popularity of implant treatment has continued to increase over the years.

Teeth-in-an-Hour is a dental surgery that makes teeth implant process more efficient and modernized. It specifically incorporates the use of CT scans and 3D software to precisely access bone structure, creates a permanent prosthesis before the actual surgery, and outline areas of best integrity. There are likewise clinical examinations that mostly concentrate on obtaining a full oral status. An analysis of the relation of the jaws, the dental history of a patient including earlier procedures such as periodontics, fillings, and extractions, and an intraoral photograph might also be useful.

With all these tests and three-dimensional scanning, it will surely be less chair-time for any patient wanting to have dental implant surgery in an hour.

In order to avoid the pain and inconvenience outlined above, it is highly recommended that you begin considering implant options. Not only will dental implants improve your quality of life, but will help you avoid future agony. Please call to discuss dental implants as an option for you.