Mini Dental Implants Austin

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What are mini dental implants?

Mini dental implants were designed to make denture stabilization possible, but for any type of dental implant to go ahead, a Cone Beam CT needs to be done. This will provide your dental surgeon with all of the necessary information to perform the procedure, mini dental implants are no exception. Denture stabilization is achieved by implanting a titanium screw into the jaw, which will connect to a person’s dentures. These screws will lock into the dentures via a small metal connector.

Mini Dental ImplantsWhat are the benefits of mini dental implants?

The main benefit of mini dental implants is as mentioned before, denture stabilization. Dentures frequently move around and shift within your mouth and this can lead to discomfort and embarrassment. Mini dental implants allow dentures to lock into place around the implant, thus preventing the uncomfortable movement and shifting while speaking or eating. Another nice benefit is the price and time involved. The implants cost much less than a traditional dental implant and can be done within two hours. Typically this only takes one appointment.

Why would someone need mini dental implants?

The number one reason someone would need mini dental implants would be if they do not have enough bone mass remaining in their jaw to support traditional dental implants. They may also need mini implants because they cannot handle the more intense surgery required to place traditional ones. There is also the price consideration, some people may not be able to afford traditional implants, but mini implants may very well fall within their budgets.

The agony you will avoid will be the pain and discomfort associated with loose dentures. Dentures are notorious for moving and slipping when an individual does everything from eating to simply smiling. This movement can and will rub your gums raw and leave you in significant pain, which will only get worse the longer you wear dentures. If you stabilize your dentures with implants, the moving and slipping will cease.

If you are currently wearing or considering dentures, then it is imperative that you look into these implants. Avoid or eliminate the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience of dentures by considering mini dental implants. Call Now to discuss Mini Dental Implants and how they can improve your situation.