Dental Braces | What Are the Important Issues?

Creating a beautiful smile, beaming almost from ear to ear, has become an accepted rite of passage for teenagers these days, as common as SATs and their first date.

In fact, dental braces are now so common that kids rarely get teased about wearing them and it seems like something that ‘just is’, during the teenage years.

To make sure that you get the outcomes that you want with your dental braces, you have ongoing maintenance and care of them to understand carefully.


Are Invisible Braces The Answer?

Although the new style of Invisalign braces is a much less intrusive type of dental brace, it would not be true to say that they are the answer to all problems.

They are less annoying in their almost invisibility, yet they still need to be taken care of when used, with cleaning, care with food and other issues a problem.

The ADA (American Dental Association) do not believe that this design of dental brace is suitable for all problems. Indeed they do not recommend they are used for children and when they are used, the best use is for minor work, typically where normal dental braces would not necessarily be used.

A good invention, Invisalign braces fill a niche in the dental braces market, but only a small one, especially where the adult wearer already has a good bite pattern and the issues are minor.

So, traditional dental braces are still the product of choice for most children and adults, whether they have a short or long term problem with their teeth and mouth.

Dental Braces and Intimate Relationships

If you are sexually active and wear dental braces, care must be taken especially when French kissing or other relations that involve the mouth.

The metal in the braces could seriously get in the way and where tender parts of the anatomy or condoms are involved, this might make the experience memorable for the wrong reasons.

No-one would like for dental braces to have a lasting impression such as injury, a sexually transmitted disease or even worse an unwanted pregnancy to be the result.

It’s also possible that even a minor injury could lead to oral or other infections that whilst not described as an STD, would still make a mark on your sexual partner.

Ironically, that is pretty much a kiss of death on any relationship and probably best to be avoided where possible.

Dental braces are a part of growing up. They are quite an important part of dental health and many people have passed this way before.

With a few simple precautions they fulfil an important role in managing the appearance of millions of people today, so they are worth the effort.

Despite the discomfort, many years experience has proven that the effort is worth it and a million-dollar smile is within touch for many more people these days than ever before.

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